Weekly report from 9th June till 15th June 2018
On Saturday the 9th of June our group visited Tintagel Castle ruins where we learned about the legend of King Arthur. We explored the remains of the Dark Age settlement, where Cornish rulers lived and traded with far off shores. We could imagine what life was like at Tintagel as we walked through the remains of houses built between the 5th and 7th centuries AD on this remote and beautiful rocky headland. There are steep stairs leading up to the top of the cliffs that we had to climb multiple times and we ended up being breathless. It was quite an exercise, but it was worth it because of the spectacular view.
Later that day we also went to explore the famous village that is a 15 minute drive away from the King Arthur ruins named Boscastle, which is a tiny port with a natural harbour. We could enjoy the view over the harbour and white washed cottages which are settled on the both sides of the valley. We were hungry and we were curious to find out what local food tastes like so we went for some Cornish pastry and homemade ice cream.
On Monday 11th June we met up with a new teacher and we showed her around the city of Plymouth. We found out about the famous Beatles prints and we rushed to see them. We sat down on them and took lots of pictures.
Then we all went back to our weekly routine.
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